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International Women’s Day
State Street Global Advisors: "The Fearless Girl" Werbung im Fernsehen, Werbeagentur: McCann New York, Traction Creative


Kreativgruppe und Beschreibung:

Category: Professional Services
Client: State Street
Brand: State Street Global Advisors
Media: Outdoor
Country: USA
Advertising Agency: Mccann New York, Usa
Sr. Art Director: Lizzie Wilson
Sr. Copywriter: Tali Gumbiner
Executive Integrated Producer: Christine Lane
Junior Producer: Doug Harrison
Music Producer: Dan Gross
Strategy Director: Kevin Kim
Account Supervisor: Molly Vossler
Senior Project Manager: Steven Marchione
Content Creators: Brett Berman, Eric Perini
Production Company: Traction Creative
Photographer: Federica Valabrega
Dp: Jack Shanahan
Ac: Jeff Clanet
Retoucher: Kris Chu
Date: March, 2017
A new symbol of women and leadership was placed in a place that no one can ignore.
McCann New York placed a statue of a girl facing off against the famous Wall Street Charging Bull. The statue appeared overnight in Bowling Green Park and is part of an International Women’s Day idea for State Street Global Advisors. The "Fearless Girl” sculpture was created by Kristen Visbal and photographed by Federica Valabrega. The campaign calls on companies to increase the number of women on their corporate boards.
Nearly thirty years ago, a bronze Charging Bull statue appeared on Wall Street in the middle of the night as a symbol of the American economy. On the eve of International Women’s Day, we placed a bronze Fearless Girl on Wall Street, in the middle of the night, to challenge him. Chin high, hands on hips, Fearless Girl stands defiantly across from the Charging Bull as a symbol of women today and tomorrow. This outdoor campaign leveraged the existing symbolism of the bull to create a new icon, Fearless Girl, that inspired women everywhere to stand up to the status quo. The public response to her immediately transcended advertising. Fearless Girl was embraced as a piece of art, the new symbol of female empowerment. Support for her was so strong the mayor of NY accepted Fearless Girl into the city’s public art program, allowing her to remain in place.
Entry Summary:
In the US, the latest presidential election has brought with it a slew of women’s equality issues. The overwhelmingly masculine Charging Bull statue in the center of Wall Street embodies the struggles women have encountered in the face of male-dominated industries, today, yesterday, but hopefully not tomorrow.

Werbung im Fernsehen "The Fearless Girl" wurde kreiert von der Werbeagentur McCann New York für die Marke State Street Global Advisors Geographie: Vereinigte Staaten. Veröffentlicht: März 2017.

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International Women’s Day
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